Vendor Identifier Registry

Vendor Identifiers are numbers assigned to an entity building Open SoC Debug components or products/devices and serve as an identifier namespace for that entity. In combination with another identifier (such as a device identifier or a module identifier) unique identifiers can be created. Vendor IDs are used in different places in OSD, most notably:

  • to describe the type of a debug module (MOD_VENDOR and MOD_ID) and
  • to identify the full OSD-enabled device type (SYSTEM_VENDOR_ID and SYSTEM_DEVICE_ID)

The vendor identifier is issued by the Open SoC Debug Project and listed on this page. Other identifiers are usually assigned independently by the vendor.

To register a new vendor ID please open an issue (or pull request) on GitHub for this document. No fees or documents are needed.

Table 44 OSD Vendor IDs
vendor ID name
0x0001 The Open SoC Debug Project
0x0002 The OpTiMSoC Project
0x0003 LowRISC